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For the past 9 years, I've been sharing my vegetable garden, fruit trees and flowers with the local deer without any choice. I've tried every possible natural deterrent without success. I even tried this horrible blood-based product that required steeping and straining. (I'm pretty squeamish, but I was so very desperate that I even resorted to this process.) After the deer chewed half my roses down one night, my next door neighbor came over on my birthday and sprayed the other six rose bushes with Deer Stopper because he wanted to know if this product really worked. I knew that after an attack like this it was just a matter of time before the deer came back to get the other six. In fact, they tried to chew them the very next night. There were hoof prints all around the six untouched roses and one broken branch on the ground. Apparently, they didn't like the taste! I've sprayed the roses three times in the past month (because we've had rain) and for the first time in 9 years, I have a beautiful ring of red more nibbles, unwanted deer pruning or damage. Plus Deer Stopper smells pleasantly of mint and herbs! Deer Stopper is the best birthday gift for a gardener!

The first product to stop the deer from rose nibbling

By BirdLover

Skunk made a home under our deck and board walk behind house. Smell would seep into house in the evening. "OH PHEW". I sprinkled this product on the boards and swept it between the cracks. No more skunk! It does not kill but simply chases them away with a very pleasant smell. Works on a lot of other critters too.It's a whole bucnh cheaper than an exterminator or relocator. Some farm stores also carry it but not in the winter. About the same price but ordering 2 gets you free shipping.Great deal on a product that works. You do have to use it once a month to keep critters away around a garden but last year once skunk left it did not come back.


By Doug & Jean

This is a great product, it makes my mom happy...and that makes me happy! It keeps those "blasted squirrels" from raiding her planters and that keeps her from ranting and complaining, I will buy this product forever!

Great squirrel repellent!

By David Gottesman

This is a first review by me for an Amazon purchase since I tend to purchase products that are good but not so outstanding I want to tell others.  For many years my wife and I have struggled to grow plants in Northern New Jersey that would be resistant to deer and other animals. For the past 5-10 years our spring plants have consisted primarily of daffodils and a bunch of green leaves that have been chewed down to ground level. After applying Deer Stopper several times in the first few weeks of spring ( not just the once /month as recomended) I can report to all that for the first time in recent memory we have all types of plants growing and blooming. Hyathcins are all in flower as well as hosta shoots coming up without being nibbled at.  I recommend this product to everyone who has become discouraged as my wife and I have been for really works. As to the extra applications I will probably move to every two weeks just to kep the garden blooming.
I found if I used a 32 oz generic spray bottle with 3 oz of Deer Stopper concentrate ( I use a plastic Tide Cap to hold the 3 oz) and fill the rest with water not quite to the top to leave room for the spray straw/handle.

It really works!!!

By L. Craven

I have tried many deer repellents, but none approach the success rate of Amazon's Deer Stopper. I put a Rhododendron at the side of my yard next to a deer trail protected only by monthly applications of Deer Stopper. Bambi never touched this plant while others, nearby but unprotected, were defoliated. I find it better to buy Amazon's concentrate and use my 2 gallon sprayer rather than the sprayer that comes with the quart size, which plugs up easily and sprays sporadicallly or not at all.  Most of my Rhododendrons are in fenced areas, but the unfenced plants must be protected because deer love to eat Rhododendrons.

Amazon's Ultimate Deer Repellent

By Dinah Hill

We used this Rodent stopper last year and we had no mice in our camper so we bought more and are using it again this winter. Works really great!!!

Works really great!!

By Kizzie

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