Messinas Mole & Vole Stopper is available in liquid and granule form.


Messinas Mole & Vole Stopper can be used to discourage moles, voles, shrews and related anmals from foraging, nesting and tunneling damage. To prevent further home and garden harm, apply Messinas Mole & Vole Stopper to key areas.


Lighting Messinas Mole & Vole Stopper smoke will coat the tunnels with a thin layer of cator oil that creates a sensory barrier that works by smell, taste and feel and can be applied as infrequently as once a season or as needed. It is pleasant to use, dries clear and odor free and is safe to use around fruits and vegetables. 

    Mole & Vole Stopper Smoke

    SKU: MV-S-001
    $12.99 Regular Price
    $9.99Sale Price
      • Coverage: Approximately 1,300 linear feet of tunnels
      • Lasts approximately 30 days, regardless of weather
      • Pleasant to use formula
      • Ready to Use Smoke
      • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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